Protecting Clinical Psyence Initiative

Most research has been shut down or had to be modified substantially (e.g., going ‘virtual’) around the world in response to the COVID-19 emergency. As these shutdowns continue, the likelihood that they have adverse, long-term effects on students and early career researchers increases exponentially. Undergraduates face unexpected challenges for completing honors projects, graduate students are unable to collect thesis/dissertation data, post-docs miss out on valuable research training, and early tenure-track faculty are unable to establish their research programs and collect enough data to begin publishing independent of their doctoral mentors.

As a result, members of the ADHD SIG (upon the initiation of Dr. Michael Kofler) have been actively looking for ways to assist. To this end, an ADHD SIG ‘Data Sharing Cooperative’ – a platform and logistics process to link up-and-coming researchers with established clinical scientists who are willing to share data to help these promising scientists ‘weather the storm’ and produce high quality research that addresses the questions they were intending to answer before their study was shut down (or ‘close enough’ questions within their areas of interest) has been created.

Established Researchers

If you are an established researcher with archival datasets you might be willing to share to facilitate a collaboration with up-and-coming researchers, please reach out to Dr. Joe Raiker (ADHD SIG Chair – Elect) at for more information. There is no obligation to start a collaboration even if you provide your information to the ADHD SIG. This resource is intended to ’start the conversation,’ and of course it is up to you whether any potential collaborations would be a good fit for you and your students. Please note that this information may be shared publicly with members of the ADHD SIG to foster collaboration but again you are under no obligation to agree to share your data if someone reaches out to you individually or otherwise.

Students and Early Career Researchers

If you are a student or early career researcher in need of data to continue your path toward career independence, please complete the form below. We will send a compilation of the requests to the SIG listserv once a week along with your contact information for researchers to contact you if they are interested and willing.