We are pleased to announce that we a have full schedule of PreCon presentations and discussions set for our split two-day event next week.  The PRECON will take place on the following days/times:

Monday, November 16th from 1 to 4

Tuesday November 17th from 11 to 2. 

The program includes 6 presentations, a Keynote address by Scott Kollins, four simultaneous table-talk discussions (you choose) each led by multiple experts on the topic including: 1) work with parents; 2) school-based interventions; 3) working with college students and adults; 4) executive function assessment and intervention; and, a poster and networking session. 

The 6 presentations cover: 1) emotion regulation and executive functioning in ADHD; 2) clinical and research transitions to virtual contact due to COVID19; 3) meta-analysis of individual data; 4) efficacy of reading interventions for children with ADHD; 5) a review of podcasts for the public; and, 6) private practice strategies for work with individuals and public systems including schools. 

CE credits from an authorized provider of APA-approved CE will be available. 

In anticipation of the costs associated with this event, we kindly request that you submit annual dues in order to obtain the links for the web-based program.  Dues are needed as last years’ PreCon, Keynote address, and social gathering tapped out our funds.  For this year, dues are needed for:

  1. Obtaining a short-subscription for a ZOOM account that has all of the features needed for a large group meeting. (We are not allowed to use ABCT’S account).
  2. Providing a small award to the best student posters at the SIG Expo (we have 12 strong candidates).
  3. Providing an honorarium for the keynote speaker.
  4. Establishing a reasonable surplus for future years. (The funds have always been just enough for the PreCon expenses.)

As in the past, dues are $40 for professionals and postdocs.  There are no dues payments for students.  However, since more than half of PreCon attendees are usually students, we are asking that faculty members who sponsor students or have students that are attending provide a supplement.  A one-time extra payment of $20 by a faculty member is requested.  This is not $20 per student, but just a $20 supplement even if 100 students are involved. If you are ready to submit dues, please email or for more information.